Bisexual mentall illness

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A participant watches the EuroPride parade in the streets of Warsaw July 17, Some of the most prominent research available comes from the Office for National Statistics ONS which found that bisexual people are nearly 80 percent more likely to report feeling anxious than the average person and are 40 percent more likely to describe themselves as unhappy. The ONS found that bisexual people have lower life satisfaction and feel less worthwhile than straight, gay and lesbian people do.

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However, discrimination, prejudice, denial of civil and human rights, harassment and family rejection are still tragically common for people with these identities. LGBTQ people with mental health conditions may also find themselves fighting a double stigma. Confronting these challenges and mental health symptoms with an LGBTQ-inclusive therapist can lead to better outcomes, and even recovery.

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Experiences among bisexual people in healthcare settings remain rarely discussed or understood by community organizers, medical professionals and researchers. Bisexuals face striking rates of poor health outcomes ranging from cancer and obesity, to sexually transmitted infections to mental health problems. Studies suggest that bisexuals comprise nearly half of all people who identify as lesbian, gay or bisexual, making the bisexual population the single largest group within the LGBTQ community —— yet, as a community, we are doing little to address the needs of bisexual people.

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Although the LGBTQ community reports high rates of anxiety and mood disordersrecent statistics show that bisexual people are far more likely to experience mental health issues than either lesbians or gay men within the community. The survey also revealed startling stories of harassment, exclusion and isolation among bisexual youth. According to the Bisexual Resource Center BRCapproximately 40 percent of bisexual people have considered or attempted suicide, compared to just over a quarter of gay men and lesbians. Biphobia seeks to undermine the legitimacy of bisexual identities and comes in many forms: jokes, stereotypes, non-inclusive language and even abuse.

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The field of psychology has extensively studied homosexuality as a human sexual orientation. That research and subsequent studies consistently failed to produce any empirical or scientific basis for regarding homosexuality as anything other than a natural and normal sexual orientation that is a healthy and positive expression of human sexuality. Upon a thorough review of the scientific data, the American Psychological Association followed in and also called on all mental health professionals to take the lead in "removing the stigma of mental illness that has long been associated" with homosexuality.

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Back to Moodzone. Poor levels of mental health among lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans LGBT people have often been linked to experiences of homophobic and transphobic discrimination and bullying. Read about different types of talking therapy and how they can help.

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I was excited about the potential of solidarity and the refreshing sense of transparency and openness that many people say they experience after publicly owning their sexual identity. I fully expected to experience discrimination from dominant society. Bisexuality is still a conundrum for many, and the inherent duality and multiplicity of a pansexual, queer, or bisexual identity is often read with suspicion or fear.

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The largest study of bisexual people in the world to date, led by La Trobe University, has examined why bisexual people experience higher rates of psychological distress than heterosexual and homosexual people. Questioning more than 2, bisexual people across Australia, the Who I Am study's aim was to uncover the reasons for poor mental health in bisexual people. The study found significant links between poor mental health and the following factors:. Bisexual people who are in heterosexual relationships; Bisexual people perceiving their sexuality to be bad or wrong; Bisexual people thinking their partner's support or understanding of their sexuality is low.

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Researchers from American University analysed data from participants aged 18 to 64 who identified as being attracted to more than one gender. The social isolation that many bisexual people face often limits their access to support and resources, the study found. Whilst there is a plethora of support available for the wider LGBTQ community, the study revealed that resources for bisexual people specifically are often lacking and this has a negative effect on their mental wellbeing, fostering feelings of bisexual invisibility and erasure.

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This study examines mental health issues among women of different sexual orientations. Not only did sexual orientation influence the probability of experiencing emotional stress, but also whether a bisexual woman or lesbian had disclosed her sexual orientation was "out" impacted the likelihood of having or having had mental health problems. Bisexual women and lesbians experienced more emotional stress as teenagers than did heterosexual women.


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