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All photos by Erin Desmond. She has chosen El Coyote, specifically, because she fears the town's Mexican restaurants will ban her once they hear the premise of the book: It's a manifesto arguing that Mexicans, Somalis, and Latin American and Middle Eastern immigrants are importing "peasant cultures" into the US. Over margaritas, Coulter and her friends joke about how immigrants "stole" lesbians' jobs and debate whether Mitt Romney could stage a comeback.

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President continues to insist he did not 'cave' as grassroots backers say he 'brought his troops on the battlefield and then walked away'. Among the circle of hardline Trump supporters, Ms Coulter seems to be getting nervous. Subscribe Now Subscribe Now.

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Drag and drop boxes to rearrange! Who is Ann Coulter? Biography, gossip, facts?

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She's a star, I said, and she's outrageous -- she wore a dress stitched from slabs of raw beef to the MTV Video Music Awards and sunglasses studded with lit cigarettes in the music video for "Telephone. But it takes more than songs about rainbows and avant-garde fashion sense to call yourself a gay icon. My own childhood obsession with Whitney Houston wasn't just rooted in the pathos of "One Moment in Time," which hinted at possibilities beyond the banality of life in a small town; I wanted to be Whitney -- until it became abundantly clear I couldn't sing at all.

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I like being sexually assaulted. I thought it was a great date. I have fond memories.

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She became known as a media pundit in the late s, appearing in print and on cable news as an outspoken critic of the Clinton administration. Her first book concerned the Bill Clinton impeachmentand sprang from her experience writing legal briefs for Paula Jones 's attorneys, as well as columns she wrote about the cases. Coulter's syndicated column for Universal Press Syndicate appears in newspapers, and is featured on conservative websites.

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Ann Coulter appeared on Piers Morgan last night dressed in a slinky, sleeveless blue top and looking more Botoxed than ever. The lanky political pundit stopped by to plug her new bookwhich is essentially just a rehash of her previously-published columns. During the interview, Coulter denied Republicans believe Obama is from Kenya, twisting the whole birther argument around and saying it was actually Hillary Clinton who started that rumor.

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Ann Coulter garners more attention than she deserves, but as a public service allow me to share some tidbits about the town where she grew up. At the least this will provide a basis of understanding, as in "how did she grow up to be such nutjob? I don't have the answer to that question.

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She'd always had the looks and the confidence, and now she had the imprimatur of the mainstream media. Coulter became a full-fledged star. The article caused a tremendous stir.


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