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Jump to navigation. I like cartoons, and watch several less-than-feminist animated series, but as far as Family Guy goes, I watched my last episode years ago, fed up with its recycled gags and the way it confused political incorrectness with edgy humor has somone already made the joke "So crass, so old" about Fox's new "So brash, so bold"? Of course, to sustain the same offensive jokes over the course of three very similar shows and numerous seasons, its creators have to devise punchlines that are equal parts lazy and offensive, and most recently, at the expense of trans women in Sunday's episode, "Quagmire's Dad.

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Lois was saying goodbye to her family as they were going to New York for comedy con. And won't be back in 2 wks, so she'll be alone at the house while her family along with Cleveland's and Joe's for the trip. As she watches tv a couple of hrs passed and she still feels bored she looked at her alarm clock and saw it was getting near 3, so she decided to have a girl's night out so she got her cell and called Bonnie and Donna to invite them for a night out since they stayed behind from their husband's trip's, but couldn't because bonnie was away at a martial arts expo in Delaware and Donna is busy painting her house Peter proof so that Peter doesn't smash the house and Cleveland doesn't slide down the tub and say "No no no nooo!

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This is a guest post by Belle Artiquez. Even with this immense following, the show portrays the idea of sex positivity in a solely masculine light. It passively portrays a kind of controversial sexism that appears as a joke, but still perpetuates existing problematic topics of concern for women and the Queer community. Other times it is done to look sexy: often seen in advertisements or music videos where women are seen in a suggestive pose surrounded by more than one half naked man.

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Sonja is a woman Quagmire meets when he returns a computer after it stops functioning in " Quagmire's Quagmire ". After she discover his tastes in porn are on the kinky side, they go out to dinner but he awakes the next morning to find out she drugged him in order to guarantee sex. Believing himself to be in love, their sexual encounters soon begin to wear on Quagmire as Sonja takes to dominating and humiliating him, beating him black and blue.

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Glenn Quagmireoften referred to by just his surname, is a character from the American animated television series Family Guy. He is a neighbor and friend of the Griffin family and is best known for his hypersexuality and his catchphrase, "Giggity". The name Quagmire was chosen by a college acquaintance of MacFarlane's.

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When Peter discovers Joe has a student ID he took from a kid that gave him lip, Peter, Quagmire and Joe visit the Harvard University campus for lunch and have a wild night on the town. A drunken Quagmire accidentally marries a prostitute named Charmisse. She refuses to let go of their relationship and Quagmire starts to consider divorce until Joe points out that he could lose everything.

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From the promos and synopsis revealed for "A Fistful of Meg" tonights episode is bound to be crazy, but when is it not? Tonight Meg makes an enemy of a new kid when she spills her lunch on him while Peter and Brian take being naked to a whole new level. The episodes official synopsis reads : When Meg spills her lunch on the new kid at school, he makes plans to end her.

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However, after strong DVD sales and impressive ratings in syndication as part of Cartoon Network's then-new Adult Swim blockFOX decided to un-cancel the series, and season 4 premiered inwith new episodes being produced to this day. One of Family Guy 's most remarkable traits is its unflinching willingness to push the boundaries of taste, for better or for worse. Sometimes the show's myriad of genre-defining cutaway gags produces comedy gold, but sometimes it just comes across as lazy and needlessly crude.

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