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Reading hookup stories about men hooking up with other men can be a blast. More so when the guys claim to be straight. Because MV is a story driven site, we decided to query our readers via social media about some of their experiences.

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JockSpank is on the movedue to Bloggers change to their rules in relation to adult blogs, introduced many years after JockSpank was created and built up to what it is today, we are in the process of moving to a new site at. We hope that you will follow us there and continue to enjoy the Spanking fun. If you have received a complaint about this blog, it will be from a person whi has a personal grudge against us.

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Sponsored link. Swedish researchers led by Dr. Ivanka Savic of the Stockholm Brain Instituteat the Karolinska Institute used neural magnetic resonance imaging MRI on a group of both heterosexual and homosexual men and women.

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Reader comments are listed below. Comments are currently closed and new comments are no longer being accepted. In hindsight we wouldn't support making divorce easier we did in Australia and it's had terrible consequences for children. Compare stable families with unstable families regardless of sexual preference.

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As a paraphiliabreast fetishism also known as mastofactbreast partialismor mazophilia [1] is a highly atypical sexual interest focused on female breasts see partialism. Scientists have hypothesized that non- paraphilic sexual attraction to breasts is the result of their function as a secondary sex characteristic. For instance, zoologist and ethologist Desmond Morris theorizes that cleavage is a sexual signal that imitates the image of the cleft between the buttockswhich according to Morris in The Naked Ape is also unique to humans, other primates as a rule having much flatter buttocks.

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Many young boys legal-age though heterosexual sometimes desire this new experience, but until now have lacked the right occasion, but its here now! There is a section at an elite school, where the discipline includes the practice of spankings. Please note that videos are made by boys legal-age amateurs and not professionals, for many the first time in a punitive experience and for all the first experience of spanking.

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Here's how to inoculate ourselves against negative ones. Verified by Psychology Today. Love, Inc. Let's start with a fact: there are lies, damn lies and statistics.

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Image Source: YouTube. In a recent study meant to learn more about female sexuality, researchers at the University of Essex showed female participants clips of naked men and women, and documented their responses — such as if their pupils dilated while watching the clips. Based on these observations, the Essex research team came to the conclusion that participants were extremely aroused by both sexes irrespective of their stated sexual orientation, and therefore wrote that the purely heterosexual woman does not exist.

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Last week, Chuck Colson used his Breakpoint radio show and column to promote the theory that one can prevent homosexuality by altering parent-child relations. To prevent male homosexuality, Colson wrote"early intervention, in which the boy's father learns how to be both strong and caring, will interrupt an unhealthy mother-son bond. In their book, the Nicolosis assert that gender norms should be reinforced and fathers should help boys develop a strong sense of masculinity.


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