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Just for reference One of the odd places for a female to experience ingrown hairs on her body is the vaginal lips which are also known as the labia. The oddness is connected to the fact that a woman's vagina is considered as a private body part that many may not be able to present to a doctor or friend for help without some levels of embarrassment.

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Vaginal boils are pus-filled, inflamed bumps that form under the skin of your vagina. These bumps can develop on the outside of the vagina, in the pubic area, or they can develop on the labia. Vaginal boils develop when a hair follicle becomes impacted and an infection develops in the follicle.

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An ingrown pubic hair is when a previously cut or shaven hair reenters the skin and causes inflammation and infection. This inflammation of the hair follicle is called folliculitis. The hair follicle could be infected with bacteria, virus, fungal or parasitic types of infections.

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Ingrown hairs are painful and itchy bumps, especially when they appear in your pubic region. But what exactly are they? An ingrown hair in the vaginal area occurs when the tip of a pubic hair folds back into the skin at the root.

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Certain mysterious bikini-line bumps can throw you for an especially large loop. Is that an ingrown hairzit, or could it be something more serious? Your hair grows out of little pockets in your skin called follicles.

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Learn something new every day More Info Getting rid of vaginal ingrown hairs may be more difficult than getting rid of ingrown hairs on other areas of the body, but it is definitely possible. The hairs found in the pubic area often tend to be courser and sometimes curlier than the hairs on the rest of the body, making them much more likely to curl back on themselves and get embedded into the skin.

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Aside from the embarrassment and inconvenience, problems in the genital area can also have serious repercussions on your health. Ingrown pubic hair is among the most common problems a woman can experience. Usually, it is completely harmless, though it can be painful and hard to get rid of in some cases.

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Because the hair in the pubic zone is curly and usually thick, it has a tendency to turn back into the skin when growing. Ingrown hairs can happen without doing any type of grooming. Shaving is one the most go-to methods for this zone because it's quick and easy.

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This article discusses how it looks with pictures, causes, signs, how to get rid of it, treatment options, home remedies, removal tools and more. Having a close look at the anatomy of the female reproductive system, ingrown hairs do not actually form on the vagina. By definition, the vagina is a muscular canal that connects the uterus to the exterior of the body. Where ingrown hair may occur is on the lips the labium majus - the part that protects the exterior opening of the vagina.


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