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From time to time your dog's anal sacs may become impacted and it may be necessary for you to give your Cocker Spaniel a helping hand to clear them. Learn more about your dog's anal glands, what can cause a blockage and how to express them yourself. Your dog's nal sacs also known as anal glands are two small scent glands inside your pet's bottom, just below and to either side of the anal opening.

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It might be a delicate subject, but your pet needs you to care for 'that' end regularly. Long haired pets can be severely impacted by clinging body wastes and long hair covering body orifices. This is a very important part of grooming.

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Rectal itching can indicate a variety of issues that could lead to more serious complications. If you feel that your furry family member is experiencing bouts of rectal itching that go on for prolonged periods of time, or that keep reoccurring, you will want to investigate the cause. An anal sac disorder or a tumor may be the problem, which are both conditions that cannot be left untreated.

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Dogs can smell like many things, depending on what they have most recently rolled in, but one of the more unpleasant aromas dogs commonly develop is one of fish. If your dog smells like fish, it is probably not because he figured out how to spray himself with Eau de Sardine. A fishy odor is usually the result of secretions from the anal glands. These sacs are full of specialized sweat glands that produce an unpleasant secretion that acts as a scent marker for your dog.

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There are many different breed standards of the Spaniel breed and as such there are several different coat types that include; a medium length silky coat and under coat, b dense, tight crisp ringlets as with the Irish Water Spaniel. Generally the Spaniel cut appears long and straight. Different breeds of Spaniel will have variations on how they are groomed and finished, however, the basic process for brushing and clipping remains relatively standard.

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The first question that comes to mind upon learning about these rather unpleasant parts of the canine anatomy is, why dogs have them and what is their purpose? They empty via a short, narrow duct to a point near the inside edge of the anus. Lined with numerous oil and sweat glands, the secretion from them is a brownish fluid with a strong and offensive odour.

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Customer Service for Subscribers. Watch Out for the "Scoot" You might have seen one of the many videos on You Tube where a dog is scooting his butt across the floor in a most humorous way. Not only is it unfair to the dog, who has no idea millions of people are laughing at his

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D omesticated dogs don't really need them, but they have anal glands, or anal sacs, located between the internal and external sphincter muscles. The anal glands secrete oily fluid onto the feces when they pass a bowel movement, a function of predatory animal communication. Some dogs are prone to oily, thick fluid with a distinct unpleasant odor. Anal gland problems occur in male and female dogs of any age; they can affect any breed, but small dogs and certain breeds have a higher occurrence.

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If your dog's anal glands are blocked you'll soon know about it; you will have a very stinky Spaniel indeed! In addition to the smell, impacted glands can lead to complications causing a lot of pain and discomfort. Learn how to clear your Cocker's anal sacs so that he becomes pain free and smelling sweet again!

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I'm often asked, "When's the best time to begin grooming my cocker spaniel puppy? Now, you're probably wondering what it is you're supposed to 'groom' because your puppy won't begin to develop feathering until he's about 6 months old. The whole point of these grooming sessions is simply to ' go through the motions ' of grooming to help him get used to being handled, brushed, combed and examined.


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